What our clients receive in your OPP Trackday appreciation event:

  • We strive for seven 15-20 minute sessions (3 in the morning and 4 after lunch) are planned for each participant in each group barring any delays or incidents.
  • This is a fully catered event. All food and drinks are included. Includes breakfast consisting of , fruit, bagels, croissants, muffins, juice and water. Lunch is served consisting of either gourmet hamburgers, sandwiches ,pizza, wraps, vegetables, fruits. Beverages include water, juice, sports drinks and soft drinks.
  • Brand Ambassador Hostesses will be keeping participants supplied with water and sports drinks throughout the day.

OPP Trackday per day $375 CAD plus tax


What is included in your OPP Trackday plus VIP Coaching – Feel like a PRO

  • Mini Classroom session with Professional Motorcycle Racers and Instructors.
  • On track lead and follow laps focusing on techniques and skills learned in classroom sessions.
  • Personalized coaching to help students increase riding skills and confidence on track
  • Video review from on-board video cameras, footage available to take home on request. (TBD)
  • Special section area for VIP Coaching clients lunch including an extended menu and Brand Ambassador Hostesses.
  • Professional massage therapy in the paddock available on request. (TBD) extra cost.
  • VIP snacks, water and refreshments served by Brand Ambassador Hostesses.
  • Data log reports (coming soon).
  • Highest priority waiting list, VIP Technical Inspection at your pit.
  • Staff assistance upon request.

VIP Coaching per day $300 CAD plus tax (on top of the daily Track Day $375 fee).

VIP Coaching is for you if:

  1. you are new to track riding
  2. been riding on the street and you would like to elevate your skill level
  3. want to improve your track riding skills

This is an excellent way to dramatically and most of all safely improve your riding skills.You will receive a safe introduction to track riding , pointing out proper breaking points , entrance and exit lines , safe entrance and exit on/off track, and proper track etiquette. Riders are guaranteed to learn and improve riding skills.