OPP VIP Coaching is where riders of all skill levels can learn to become better, safer, smarter and more confident riders.

     Students are taken through an educational process that is fun, progressive and limitless in terms of learning. Students of all skill levels learn from the same general curriculum with the difference being that if can be tailored to fit the rider’s own individual needs and goals. Students apply the techniques and skills learned in the classroom in a controlled and gradual manner on the racetrack.  Students who successfully achieve their own personal riding objectives share the same traits in that they keep an open mind, have a willingness to learn and have a good work ethic.

Instructors are extremely talented riders with extensive backgrounds in TrackDay riding, racing, instructing and in the motorcycle industry. They have each been handpicked for their passion for instructing and their ability to teach in a positive, supportive and progressive manner.

We can help all students, whether they are newer TrackDay riders, expert TrackDay riders or racers of any level achieve their best.

What VIP Coaching offers to newer TrackDay riders:

Students learn skills and techniques to become better, safer, smarter and more confident TrackDay riders by working to achieve these Highly Elevated Riding Objectives:

  • Risk minimization
  • Body positioning
  • Throttle control
  • Downshifting techniques
  • Clutch control
  • RPM management
  • Braking techniques
  • Corner entries
  • Lines through corners
  • Corner exits
  • Lean angle management
  • Visual skills
  • Reference points
  • Safe passing techniques for track riding
  • Preparation of mind and body for track riding
  • Motorcycle set up and adjustment to suit rider
  • Basic motorcycle maintenance


What we offer experienced TrackDay riders:

Students learn all the same skills and techniques as newer TrackDay rider students in addition to :

  • On track risk versus reward situational self assessment
  • On track commitment level self assessment
  • Advanced braking techniques (including trail braking)
  • Front wheel slide recovery techniques
  • Rear wheel slide recovery techniques
  • On track breathing techniques


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