OppTrackdays has entered into a collaboration with mspeedPerformance. Since 2001, mspeedPerformance has been the exclusive authorized Pirelli race tire distributor and track vendor for British Columbia and  will be providing sales and tire mounting service for the full range of Pirelli race, trackday and street tires including the newly released Superbike Slicks for smaller bikes.

mspeedPerformance will also be carrying a wide range of high-performance parts and accessories , from helmets , gloves and boots to back protectors as well as a large selection of hard parts such as brake pads, tire gauges, tire warmers,  etc. .

Stop by the mspeedPerformance tent , say hello to Marbod , having over 20 years experience of racing and vending at race tracks throughout Canada and the US he’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Motorcycle Tire Knowledge

The tire is the only part of the motorcycle that makes contact with the road.  Proper use and maintenance of your motorcycle’s tires will maximize the performance, increase the lifespan of the tire -saving  money- and promote safety.

Correct tire pressures and suspension setup are crucial and can change drastically depending on track conditions. Please feel free to  ask the tire experts at mspeedPerformance about any tire questions you might have.

Pirelli is the official tire supplier for all classes in the FIM Superbike World Championship since 2004 as well as other National series such as BSB, ASB and many others around the world.

Based on the motto, “We sell what we race, we race what we sell”, the Pirelli tires available  at OPP Area27 trackday events will be exactly the same that riders competing at the highest levels of motorsport around the world use.

Specific Area27 tire information

The Area27 race track has some characteristics that place unique demands on tires, no matter the
brand. The surface being new it is very abrasive , causing tires to wear more rapidly than at most other
tracks. The upside to this is that there is a very high level of mechanical grip. We have found over the
past 2 years working with riders of varying speed some solutions to maximize tire wear and grip.
Specifically , riders tend to run a harder compound tire at higher pressures to counteract rapid wear ,
while relying on the high amount of mechanical grip from the track surface to still provide good traction.
For example, riders using Pirelli SC2 compound slicks at other tracks often run 33-35psi front pressure
and 24-26psi rear tire pressures. At Area27 this changes to 36-39 psi front and 28psi rear pressures.
This has proven to be a good solution to the unique demands this track places on tires.
We have found that extremely soft race tire compounds , no matter the brand, do not last long at Area27,
often being completely worn before the end of the first day. Make sure to be prepared and use the
correct tires to maximize your track time at this amazing facility.
Correct suspension setup is crucial to maximize tire wear and bike handling. Make sure to consult
Suspension Werks who attend the OPP Trackdays Area27 events to dial in your bike’s
suspension, the results are well worthwhile.