Q: This will be my first time riding at a racetrack, besides my motorcycle and riding gear what else should I bring to the track?

A: If you are riding to the track:

  • Food & water – lots of water
  • Sunscreen & bug spray
  • Masking tape to tape up lights, signals, mirrors, speedometer, etc
  • Tools to remove license plate

If you are transporting your bike (in addition to items above):

  • Extra can(s) of fuel
  • Pop up pit tent (don’t worry if you don’t have one, someone always has some extra space)
  • Table & chairs
  • Toolbox
  • Spare parts bin (levers, bar ends, sliders, footpegs, shifters, etc). Safety is the number one concern at OPP Trackdays but on rare occasions a motorcycle ends up on the ground or even falls over in the pits so it is always a good idea to be prepared
  • Don’t forget the key for your motorcycle! It is recommended to always have a spare key

Q: Can I attend all 4 days of OPP Trackdays Events?

A: No, a 3-Day Limit for non-Area 27 members is in effect. If you are not a member at Area 27 you may only attend 3 days per calendar year. No Exception

Q: What time should I get to the track in the morning of an OPP Trackday?

A: The Area 27 gate is scheduled to open at 7:00am. We encourage everyone to get there then.

Q: What do I do when I get to the track in the morning for OPP Trackdays?

A: Upon entering the Area 27 paddock stop at the Area 27 Paddock Office and sign the Area 27 waiver to receive a wristband.
If you didn’t set up your pits the night before, find yourself a spot to set up your pits. Once OPP Trackdays registration opens at 7:00am go check in and sign the OPP Trackdays waiver and get your Technical Inspection Sheet. Bring your motorcycle and riding gear to the Technical Inspection area with your Technical Inspection Sheet (pushing your motorcycle to Technical Inspection is preferred but if you ride it you must wear a helmet).
The OPP Trackdays Rider’s Meeting starts at 8:15am and everyone must attend.

Q: Can I camp or stay in my motorhome / trailer overnight?

A: Overnight camping at Area 27 is currently not permitted.

Q: Is there overnight security?

A: Yes, Area 27 has overnight security.

Q: Which trackday group should I sign up for?

A: If you can’t decide between two groups just sign up for the lower group, you can always ask an OPP Staff Member to change groups if there is room. It is important to keep in mind that it is a trackday and not a race. There are no trophies or awards and everyone is there to have fun among friends and improve their riding skills.

Q: What are the groups?

A: The groups are:

  • Relaxed Group: For first time or newer trackday riders. This group is just that..relaxed.
  • Intermediate Group: Advanced street riders and riders with some trackday experience.
  • Advanced Group: Highly advanced street riders, riders with extensive trackday experience and licensed racers.

Q: Are there different passing rules for each group?

A: Safety is the primary concern and there are strict passing rules for each group that will be monitored by OPP Trackday Staff. It is 100% the passing rider’s responsibility to make a safe pass with a minimum six foot buffer between motorcycles in all groups.

  • Relaxed Group: Passing allowed only on straightaways and outside of corners. No passing on inside of corners. Try to ride a tight line through corners if being passed often. Minimum six foot buffer between motorcycles.
  • Intermediate Group: Passing allowed on straightaways, outside of corners and inside of braking zone only up to the tip in point. No passing on the inside of corners beyond the point where the bike starts to lean into the corner (stuffing). Minimum six foot buffer between motorcycles.
  • Advanced Group: Passing allowed on any part of the track. Minimum six foot buffer between motorcycles.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: OPP Trackdays operates rain or shine. Riding in the rain is a great way to learn how to be smooth with your inputs on the motorcycle and is lots of fun. Riders that have ridden on a wet track all say the same thing time and time again; they learned more than they thought they would and that riding on a wet track has made them a better rider. The simple reason is that riders who ride on a wet track tend to focus more on riding technique rather than speed.

Q: Will there be a photographer at the track?

A: We have often seen photographers at our events. If there are any they will will be introduced at Rider’s Meetings and the pictures will be available for viewing and purchase on their respective websites.

Q: Will there be motorcycle parts/services vendors at the track?

A: mspeedPerformance will be selling tires and providing tire changing services.

Q: Where are the closest gas stations to the track?

A: There are 3 gas stations within 5km from the track.

Q: Where is the closest hospital to the track?

A: The closest hospital is South Okanagan General Hospital in Oliver. SOGH is a Level 1 Community Hospital that offers outpatient ambulatory, acute care and a 24/7 emergency department. SOGH is located at 911 McKinney Road which is only 4.1km from Area 27.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: No changes, refunds and or cancellations. All sales are final.

Q: Will I be required to sign a liability waiver and release in order to participate in a OPP Trackdays event?

A: Yes, there are 2 waivers that must be signed. One is online when you register. The Area 27 waiver is at the entrance to the paddock where you will receive a wristband placed on your wrist.